Stop-Choc® all-metal dampers

Hutchinson Stop-Choc® offers a variety of all-metal dampers for a wide range of industries and applications. They are used in automobile and commercial vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery, aerospace, marine, rail transport, plant and machinery, the energy industry and many other markets.

The core of the Stop-Choc® all-metal dampers consists of our Stop-Choc® all-metal pads with their systemic properties and benefits.

Stop Choc® all-metal dampers consist of Metal housing parts and one or more all-metal pads, or metal housing parts and one or more all-metal pads and a combination of spiral springs.




Structure, layout, design and materials of the components are the result of application-specific and/or customer specific requirements.

Our team of experienced staff will be happy to help you with the selection of a suitable Stop-Choc® all-metal damper from our broad portfolio for your specific application.