Stop-Choc® all-metal cushions

All-metal Cushions are formed from wire mesh with elastic properties, which are used alone or in conjunction with housings or seats.

It is possible to choose different parameters independently of each other so that the properties of the all metal cushion can be adjusted individually.

As a developer and producer of elastic components from knitted wire mesh we offer environmentally friendly solutions for different applications.

Our goal is to meet the requirements of our clients through the selection of suitable materials, manufacturing processes and tests. 


Isolation and Decoupling

Elastic mounts can, beside the vibration isolation function, also decouple resonances within structures. Components can be specifically protected to ensure functionality and increase their life span. The elastic all-metal Cushions from Hutchinson Stop-Choc® achieve their effect in the frequency range between 10 Hz and 20 kHz.

Filter Characteristics

Cushion can be used as filtration systems in exhaust systems, cooling systems and pyrotechnic components. By optimising the wire diameter, density and configuration, we generate the optimal design for the filter system.

The elastic medium is made of  wire, usually CrNi steel. Depending on the application, wire of various diameters is knitted on special machines, crimped, rolled  and then finally pressed into desired shape.

Friction Damping

Through the friction of the many turns of wire, the damping with 15 to 20% is exceptionally high. This high damping results in a low resonant peak of Q = 3.3 to 2.5. 

The frictional heat is continuously removed due to the good conductivity of the material and the large surface area. Heat build-up can not arise as a result.


The cushions are designed so that each damper always stays in the range below the horizontal branch of the SN curve. Aging of the material or destruction of the cushion caused by fatigue fracture of the wire windings is practically impossible. 

Thus with, for example, 10% dynamic deflection of the unloaded height and a static surface pressure of 5 N/mm² you can get an infinite number of load cycles without destruction. The damping medium of steel wire using this process gives all-metal cushions unique properties.

Resistant to Aging

Will last a lifetime, no hardening, no permanent deformation, no creep.

Corrosion Resistant

To oils, greases, solvents, acids, corrosive liquids and heavy dirt.

Temperature Resistant

Used in the temperature range from -90 to +400°C.

Load-Bearing Capacity

Dynamically loadable with the 5- to 10-fold of the static load.