Commercial Vehicles

Hutchinson Stop-Choc as a technology leader offers vibration solutions for the commercial vehicle sector.

We provide our innovative, recyclable products so that engines and aggregates operate reliably and environmentally friendly.

High-quality, temperature resistant materials allow the successful deployment of the components in a temperature range up to +900°C.

It is this special mix of standard products and specially customized elastomer and wire mesh solutions, which make Hutchinson Stop-Choc a very special partner and technology leader. Nested in the global Hutchinson Group, we are always there when you need us – with exactly the service you need.

Areas of Application

  • Diesel- and Gasoline Injection
  • Buffer and Rails for Vibratory Rollers and Plates
  • Buffer for Handles
  • Cabin Camp
  • Motor and Aggregate Support
  • Stock Exhaust up to 600°C