Active Noise and Vibration Control System


Our field proven Active Noise and Vibration Controls System (ANVCS) STRACTIVETM will meet your toughest needs in noise and vibration reduction.

Active isolators cancel the incoming vibration by generating a dynamic force of same magnitude in opposite phase through the use of electrodynamic actuators, thus improving the low frequency performance of the suspension.


Active structure borne noise control is managed by introducing interia actuators in the transmission paths between the source of noise/vibration and the receiver.


The applications of STRACTIVE™ are endless: reactive silencer, electric motor, transformers, internal combustion engines, structures, pumps, to name a few. It is particularly suited for hybrid and diesel-electric propulsion rafted systems.


  • Excellent vibration reduction: 10 to 36 dB (on multiple tones)
  • Total suppression of the most annoying harmonics
  • Space and weight saving
  • Provides outstanding passenger comfort and noiseless ride
  • Improves the noise and vibration health and safety at work
  • Extends crew shift exposure
  • Reduces noise pollution impact on marine species; helps achieving quiter oceans
  • Improves the thresold of oceanicresearch vessel sonar detection
  • Improves stability, alignment, shock sway, creep, ride quality
  • Performance upgrade of existing machines with minimum impact (add-on kit)


STRACTIVE™ is the most decisive solution of the Hutchinson global noise and vibration offer.


  • Actuator ranges: 30 to 1000N dynamic force peak; up to 15mm stroke
  • Controls 20 diffrent frequencies; 6 degrees of freedom
  • Maximum force output over a large frequency range of 10 to 400Hz
  • Powered by high efficiency class D amplifiers
  • Designed, tested and manufactured in a dedicated Hutchinson plant
  • Can be supplied as upgrade kits or fully integrated solutions
  • Our experted team can do on board surveys and custom design