Thinking outside the box

Innovation and the constant pursuit of better solutions, that’s what makes Hutchinson Stop-Choc.

We develop high-performance components that are optimised for different requirements.


As a technology leader in the field of all metal cushions, we invest in our development area every year. Our main target is to contantly improve customer-specific calculations.

We regularly present our work to a specialist audience at national and international conferences. In this way we stay up to date with the latest scientific developments and receive a review of our own work.


2023 - Noise & Vibration Conference & Exhibition, Grand Rapids, USA

Abstract ‘Engineering process of a nonlinear vibration isolator on application for electric drive of commercial vehicle’ submitted

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2022 - ISMA International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering, Leuven, Belgium:

Lifetime calculation for metal wire mesh vibration dampers subjected to cyclic loads

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2021 - Aachner Akustik Kolloquium

Calculation of Metal Cushion Dampers Based on Manufacturing Processes

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