Innovative Spring Isolator for Plant Manufacturing

Pipelines are strongly used by the pumped fluid as well as through connected aggregates. Through rigid connections to steel structures and buildings, vibrations often cause damage to the trades.

Together with one of the leading industrial organizations in the energy section, Hutchinson Stop-Choc has protected pipelines starting at the peripheral against high stresses.

Task and Challenge

In order to protect the periphery, we needed to develop a multidirectional  damper on the basis of spring winding mandrels and all-metal pads that absorbs shock and thermic elongation in the piping system.

Our Solution

Stop-Choc® Spring Isolator
Stop-Choc® Spring Isolator

In order to protect the periphery, a so called multidirectional damper based on spring mandrels and all-metall pads needed to be developed, absorbing shock and and thermal elongation in the piping system.